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Step 1: Determine your method

We have searched high and low for systems and strategies from people and ministries that not only talk about this but live it! Here are four amazing methods to share the "good news" with someone else! 


Script style (Very effective and easy for anyone to use) taught by Allen Hawes.

Treasure hunt style (Simply asking God to show you certain people and needs) taught by Chris Estrada.

Poll Style (Showing the love of Christ and then sharing it) taught by the Uproar Team. 

Step 2: Run the "PlayBook"

This 4 - 6 week playbook will give you everything you need to know, plan and prepare for Sept 16th, 2019!


You will find the weekly outline, practical steps to encourage your students and the complete Rally planning guide for Sept 15th (The night before) to ensure your students make the biggest impact possible.  

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Step 3: Launch a Jesus Club

Get Trained 

Through detailed training, One Voice Student Missions provides step-by-step instruction for launching a dynamic student-led campus program. Online training options begin on August 2nd. 

Register your Campus

Once trained, register your church and campus and let us know you are ready to start reaching your mission field! Registration will grant you access to the OVSM Network.

Announce Launch

You've been training, registered a campus, received resources, and have launched a student-led Jesus Club! Announce your launch and share about the students lives being changed! 

Step 4: Youth ministry post-playbook

What do you do after this day with all of the students who have come to Christ? How do you empower your students to make this a lifestyle and not just an event once a year? How do you take this momentum and capture it for continued growth?

A 3-week preaching series.

How to run school groups.

And an invitation to the leadership network to continue equipping you!  

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